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Clean foods only from tomorrow on.

 Bring it on, baby. :)

Will try to keep a food & exercise  diary on here, don't know how much time I'll have, but we will see.


This is so my style. <3
14 March 2009
14 March 2009 - by andipandi♥♥ goneonspringbreak! on Polyvore.com

                                      Finally I get a chance to remember that I love clothes much more than food. 

I am being a post whore.


                         I bet she doesn't have cravings for toast!!!
                            ♥ Jessica Stroup.

I'll be skinnier than you.

 I swear to be the skinniest girl in school, skinnier than you
Cassie's eyes got big. I bet I'll be skinnier than you.
No, don't make it a bet. Let's be skinniest together.
Okay, but I'll be skinnier.
-"Wintergirls" by Laurie Halse Anderson.

From now on, it's going to be calorie in - calorie out. I just saw loads of thinspo and I am becoming obsessed again. I can't take this anymore. I will be skinny again. Even if I have to eat 50 calories a day and workout for 5 hours. 

B: half of a grapefruit, black coffee [65]
L: 100gr grilled chicken, 2 eggs, half a cup of green beans, black coffee [285] almost all protein though
M-A: a cup of tomato juice, a couple teaspoons of muesli [200]
D: half a can of tuna, some green beans, an apple
Comes to a total of 735.

100 sit-ups done. 1 hour of aerobic exercise done.

Writer's Block: What Next?

What do you think happens to us when we die?
I like to believe in reincarnation. That's fun.
Oh and in my next life, I would rather be a man, thank you.

Anything is possible.


Now stop moaning and get your act together, loser!
You're telling me they could do it, but you can't?

Pictures are not mine. I do not own any copyright or whatever. 

I feel pretty rubbish. But it's okay.

February was rubbish. March is going to be much better. I'm finally making plans and sticking to them.
Tomorrow (well, technically today) is officially a fast. Then Monday we'll see how I feel.
It's absolutely pathetic how dependent we are on food. 

My head feels like it's going to explode..

This post was so pointless. 

                          oh well.


favourite thinspo.

I thought I'd post some photos of the girls/women I admire. I think they are absolutely beautiful and
they are definetly my thinspiration

Cheryl Cole.                                                                                Shenae Grimes.

Ashley Olsen. 

Noooo, simply no food is good enough. Haha))
Now I feel inspired enough to continue.